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SASTHM :: South Asian School of Tourism and Hotel Management, Biratnagar Nepal
Welcome to SASTHM

SASTHM is one of the finest educational institutions committed to excellence and innovation. It is situated in the heart of Biratnagar, the second biggest city of Nepal. Founded in 2001, SASTHM is affiliated to Purbanchal University and CTEVT, Nepal. With the modern infrastructure, SASTHM launched its undergraduate program Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) in the year 2001 and with a decade long experience; it started its Bachelor's of Business Administration (BBA) program in the year 2009. Now, SASTHM has stood as an Icon Institute in eastern zone with a home of over 250 promising students.


SASTHM is founded with a mission to produce graduates and scholars with highly competitive skills and sense of professional ethics. SASTHM, unlike other colleges, offers a unique combination of education and career preparation features that provide students with a competitive edge and the skills sought by employers.


Special College Features

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