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Teaching and Learning

Teaching Methodology

Teaching learning at SASTHM Business School is student-centered. Depending upon teaching/learning objectives, we use a combination of various approaches.

Some of the common techniques used in SASTHM are case analysis, group discussions, project works, guest lectures, internships, talk program series, industrial tours etc. We engage you in variety of experiences, and help you enrich your educational experiences. Here, a wide range of teaching-learning methodologies is used to reinforce the theory and practice. Students are encouraged to challenge conventional wisdom and come up with innovation and creative solutions. These methods combined together make your learning interesting and more productive.

During their stay at SASTHM they learn to:

  • Analyze issues
  • Define problems
  • Compare alternatives
  • Formulate solutions, and
  • Implement action-plan

Internship, Induction and Placement

As part of educational program, SASTHM Business School offers off-campus learning experiences for academic credit. The Professional Internship Program integrates business education with professional experience and allows students to enhance their academic studies, personal development and career preparation. During the internship, the students work for organizations for six to eight weeks to gain practical knowledge and skills. There is also an opportunity for aspiring business students to do their internship in multinational companies in Malaysia.

Non-Credit Courses

SASTHM Business School has initiated a range of non-credit courses with an objective to provide outstanding personal, educational and professional skill development opportunities to the students. Non-credit courses include areas of emerging concepts and trends in management, marketing, business and information technology, leadership and personality development, global economics, etc.