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BHM Semester 8 - Viva Voce Examination


Notice No. 41                                                                                                                         Dated: Shrawan 22nd, 2071

Subject: Research Thesis - Viva Voce

ATTENTION: BHM Semester 8 Students

All the students of BHM Semester 8 are hereby notified that Research Report Viva voce has been confirmed by PU for Sunday, Shrawan 31st, 2072.

1. The students have to report for Viva 15 minutes before the Viva Voce Examination Timing of 1100 a.m.

2. The students have to report in proper college uniform with their Reports duly signed by the respective Research Committee members wherever necessary as per standard format.

3. The reports which have not been presented for approval to the Research Committee before Sunday shall not be accepted for Viva.

The viva committee shall consist of three external examiners and three internal members.

By Order,